Cindy Lesky
Digital Artist and Photographer
Custom work. Unique in every way.
My mother is drawing a B on a piece of paper. I am not quite old enough to go to school yet. She is teaching me how to draw a bunny out of that B.
It goes back that far. I have always loved to be creative and artistic. This love has taken me in several different directions. I have landed in a good place. I have landed in the world of digital art. I am one of four children. All have some kind of artistic ability. So I guess you could say it's in my genes. I was given a camera when I was expecting my first child. He is now 30 years old. That gave me the ability to capture my interests. About 11 years ago I started to teach myself how to use Photoshop. Soon I was seeing that my photos would be much more interesting if several of them could be combined together. I put colors together that didn't usually get put together. I was lost in a place that I did not want to get out of.
I have dedicated the last 10 years to finding a spot in the art world. I want people to know my own unique style when they see it. It has taken a long time but that is beginning to happen.